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Purchased in 1993, Stonehaven Retreat offers an oasis from daily life for Christians to meditate, receive healing, restoration, direction and strength for their daily lives. Our season extends from April 1 to December 1 each year. Please keep this in mind, as we do not receive guests from December 1 to March 31 each year, as we are closed then.

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Stonehaven's Philosophy

The philosophy of Stonehaven is quite simple. Beginning in 1990, we searched for the right property, a place where some of the Lord's various purposes for His people could be fulfilled. In the fall of 1992, we were led to this beautiful piece of property in Little Switzerland, NC. Financing became available for its purchase and remodeling through an insurance settlement received after our homes and all of our possessions were lost in a fire during the Blizzard of '93.

Our goals at Stonehaven are to offer a place where Christians can be away from the distractions and demands of daily life in the world and to provide a healthy, restful atmosphere where natural food, pure air and spring water are the rule. At Stonehaven, one can receive from the Lord the healing, restoration, direction and strength that is needed through a protected quietness, scripture study and prayer. Books, tapes and counseling are available.

We could not offer the Lord Jesus something which cost us nothing ( I Chronicles 21:24). The purchase of Stonehaven was finalized in August, 1993. Since then, the remodeling of the main house, pond, 2-story apartment and all of the Ark (a three story lodge) is finished. Other buildings may be added later. There are also some lots for sale for those interested in being a part of a Christian Community.

If you feel that this setting is one in which you would like to be a guest, or to live and work,
please write today.

Stonehaven Retreat Center
P.O. Box 565
Spruce Pine, NC 28777

or send e-mail to us at any time.
Phone Number:

Stonehaven Facilities

Available at Stonehaven are the following facilities for your use: 14 Pastoral and Wooded Acres, a Large 5 Bedroom Main House and Attached Apartment, a 20 Seat Worship/Meeting Room with Baby Grand Piano, a 75 seat worship room in the Ark, Hiking Trails, Local Attractions including Gem Mining Nearby, and Incomparable Panoramic Mountain Views.

Stonehaven Retreat Options

Stonehaven Retreat offers a variety of options for individuals and groups to enjoy the scenic beauty of Western North Carolina in a Christian setting. Our facilities host daytime visits, work visits, overnight guests, conferences or church groups. There are two retreat options available:

  • Unscheduled Retreats
    Individuals, families or adult groups up to 28 people desiring an unscheduled stay may e-mail the management or write Stonehaven Retreat at the address listed above.
  • Work Retreats
    You may work for room costs on a short-term basis and enjoy a quiet time of reflection, healing and spiritual growth in Christ Jesus.

General Guidelines

At Stonehaven, there are no televisions in the rooms. Radios with headphones are allowed. Broadcast media reception in the vicinity of Stonehaven is not very good. Those who wish to listen to music would be advised to bring cassettes, CDs, and suitable players. Smoking is not allowed in the buildings. Neither drugs or alcohol consumption is allowed onsite. The only exception to this rule is for doctor prescribed medication.


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