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The Capturing of Many Women

11-18-97 - Frankie Moore

In a dream, I was observing a most atrocious sight. I saw women in great numbers being abducted from the streets, their homes, business places and even from shelters, barns and other places where they had been discovered hiding. Some were caught totally unaware while others seemed to have a measure of insight regarding this impending event. Yet, even at that, they had found no earthly place to remain hidden. I saw loving husbands and children watch as wives and mothers were literally ripped away from their sides. Big, strong and muscular men were helpless to abort the seizure of their beloved mates, family and friends.

Next, I saw these females, who were of all ages, size, nationalities and financial status, being ushered into a huge building. Many, many women were being institutionalized against their will. They could do nothing about it! A few tried to fight off those tyrants but were unable to flee from the bonds that held them. In some manner, either by body or spirit, I was there among those who were taken captive. It was a most frightful event. All felt so helpless. They had to obey the commands that were given or risk horrible torture and possible death. Each woman was given a small room, similar to a jail cell and could not even go to the rest room without being accompanied by an escort.

Everyone was forced to dress in a certain manner. They were provided with long black dresses and a turban style headdress. Their heads were to be covered with these at all times, even while sleeping. Each turban had a code or something on the backside of it. To remove this covering for any reason was forbidden and put a person at risk of receiving a severe battering . To defy authorities and break rules was never tolerated. In the dark stillness of the night, it was common to hear the screaming and wailing of the many who were being raped and tormented. In the daylight hours, the visible parts of many captive ladies revealed bruises caused from grotesque beatings. The presence of animalistic bite marks further denoted the cruel manner in which the prisoners were treated. I knew that those in charge were Muslims and yet many of them had Oriental faces. Oh, what a terrible dread was associated with those inhumane beasts. They were vile and barbaric, showing no mercy.

Although many tried desperately, not one woman could obtain information about the welfare of their loved ones left behind. This in itself was almost more sorrow than some could bare. I have never in my entire life witnessed a greater or deeper pain than what I felt for all those who had been suddenly snatched from living in freedom and forced into a lifestyle that was fearsome and dreadful.

My conclusion to all of this is that something of this very nature, according to what I witnessed in my dream, is about to emerge right here in the USA soon. Right now is the time to make every preparation possible to withstand the horrifying torture of body, mind and spirit. The Holy Ghost is warning all who will listen, to come before God in true repentance. This includes the sinners, saints and all shades in between. Those who walk with the Lord must be attentive and listen to what the Spirit is saying so that they might be able to rise above the great pressures and oppressions of the enemy. When all hell breaks loose in upcoming days, there will be tremendous difficulties, even for those who thought they were prepared. And yet, for those who are caught unaware, it will be totally catastrophic and the associated pain unbearable.

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