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From Harrietta Turner:

Sheep have always fascinated me but I'd never had an opportunity to be near one of these intriguing creatures ... that is until my vacation one summer.

Then I'd visited a country home to look over a greenhouse advertised for sale. To my delight there were some pet sheep on this farm. A big black one came up to me and leaned his head against me to be petted. I enjoyed this hands on get-acquainted experience. When I asked the owner if this sheep had always been friendly he replied, "Not at first." That he was purchased full grown and for a few weeks the sheep would not let anyone near him. Then one day the sheep came up and leaned his head against the owner's leg to be petted just as he did with me this day.

But at this point the owner warned me that the sheep might butt me from behind as we left. And I was surprised to see that is just what happened to the owner as we walked away. This was a sheep who had learned to love and trust but did not have the sense not to express his displeasure at being left alone by the one he had come to love and trust. Although the owner was patient and kind, he could not have enjoyed the butting or having his guests see him butted from behind on every occasion.

It reminded me of just why we are called sheep in the Bible. Isn't it just like us to come to love and trust our Good Shepherd but if He leaves us on our own sometimes and says 'no' to our desire to have His felt presence all the time we usually turn on Him with our demands, complaints, accusations and even hostility. Biting the hand that feeds us or butting the One who has reached out in love to redeem us and care for us isn't being very smart or grateful. But then isn't that why He compares us to sheep? Lord, help us to walk by faith and not by feelings, not requiring Your constant presence and gifts from Your hand but just being satisfied and grateful for the wonderful salvation You have given us. In the Name of our Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Amen!!!




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