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Prison Outreach Ministry

Send a Letter to Inmates

You can 'visit' inmates in prison by way of letters and have a missionary outreach without leaving your home. Christians are needed to write to prisoners all over the United States to be their friend and share with them how the Lord can change their lives. This is an excellent project for church groups or individuals. Freedom Through Christ Prison Ministry has lists of prisoners who would love to hear from you! We mainly have lists of male prisoners without any additional information. However - we do have some names in specific categories such as these:

  • Female Prisoners / Death Row Prisoners
  • Prisoners with a Life Sentence
  • Prisoners age 50 or over
  • Indian (or part Indian) prisoners
  • Prisoners interested in writing
  • Overseas Correspondents
    If you would like a list of inmates, send a self-addressed - stamped envelope and tell of your church affiliation to:

Freedom Through Christ Prison Ministry
P.O. Box 120074
Ft. Lauderdale - FL 33312


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