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Harrietta Turner

Thoughts on the rising again of the conflict over the Lakeland and other Outpourings of the Holy Spirit through the years


        The charismatic Full Gospel section of the body of Christ is still extremely divided and hostile to each other as in evidenced by the recent new rash of articles sent out - some even designating the Enemy Ministries who believe in the revivals of the Spirit outpouring - by the others who don’t.

        Both sides are saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, love the Lord, are intelligent and sincere.  It is too bad we can’t just make allowances for each other knowing that obviously someone is incorrect and it is human to err. No one is intentionally mistaken.

        It is true some in the Revival Camp have allowed excesses over the years and occasionally still may be doing so.  And some in the Non-outpouring Camp just haven’t experienced these recent manifestations and therefore are often speaking out against that of which they do not know. But there is still the commandment to love one another.  When Jesus was crucified He asked the Father to forgive them because they DID NOT KNOW what they were doing.  So let us also give the opposition the same benefit of the doubt no matter which side we are on.

        Souls are being saved by both camps and lives being continually more yielded to the Spirit of God.  I believe the ‘dangers’ of being on either side are highly exaggerated.  Maybe the main danger is what we are doing to each other with our in-fighting.  Fortunately Jesus is praying for us all.

But I can’t help thinking that the Lord is not pleased with this continual insulting and hostility within the Body of Christ He loved and died for.


You are so right about what you have written, Praise God! 

God let me know quite a while ago that there is NO MINISTRY assigned to tear down other ministries...that is NEVER of Him, and all before the WORLD!!!

 .....  we see through a glass darkly....

He doesn't let us know everything obviously....MAYBE THAT IS SO WE CAN BE PATIENT AND BEAR WITH ONE ANOTHER!!!  Patience IS one of the fruits of the Spirit! 

He DOES let us know personally and as a corporate body what we need to know.  God will never leave us out in this.  NO TWO GROUPS AGREE COMPLETELY!  NO 2 INDIVIDUALS AGREE COMPLETELY!!!  Iron sharpeneth iron and there would be no need for this if we did not need areas that needed sharpened. 


It is NOT  to argue about our differences in front of the WORLD.... (THAT IS SATAN'S MISSION FOR US).....divide and conquer....."I fear for you....was Christ divided?"

OUR MISSION........FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON THAT WHOSEVER BELIEVETH IN HIM SHOULD NOT PERISH BUT HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE.   We are to give the GOOD NEWS TO THE WORLD and if we disagree with someone, we should personally, lovingly go to that brother or sister and in private discuss the matter or in private send a letter, BUT NOT PUBLICALLY TO STUMBLE!!!!   We must remember there is ONE unforgiveable sin....BLASPHEMY AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST!!!  ARE WE SURE OF WHAT THIS IS??????????

"Do not touch my annointed....it is like putting your finger in the eyeball of God!!!"  

If they stumble one of these little ones .....  a millstone around their neck and cast to the bottom of the sea.....


Thank you Harrietta, for your faithful boldness to our God!!!  I love you you annointed woman of God. 

Your sister, Judy Adams



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